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Proof Suite

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Our tools help businesses launch, research and manage blockchain-based initiatives

Our Vision


Blockchain technology ensures tamper-proof records of ownership as ownership is transferred via distributed consensus and decentralization.


When files are uploaded to the a decentralized blockchain, single point of vulnerabilities is non-existant. Only your authorization can reassemble the pieces.


Without reliance on a third-party to manage and administer assets, brokerage fees and exchange mishaps become a thing of the past. Truly peer-to-peer.


With the option to publicly list your blockchain-backed assets on Proof, you can gain access to a wider audience of liquidity providers searching for new opportunities.


With blockchain, the settlment is the transaction. Funds are liquid in an account immediately upon trade. There is no wait time for processing to a bank account.


By using Proof to manage assets on the blockchain, you are not tied to our platform and can optionally move your assets to your own wallets at any time.


By optionally setting your account or transactions to private, your identification on trades becomes merely a list of letter and numbers. Swiss banking on-demand.


Gaining access to liquidity in a decentralized, trustless fashion has never been easier and we strive to make it simpler every day for your convenience.

Wanna partner?

If you're a financial institution, property developer, or broker who wants to put securities on Proof, get a live demo.

Core Team

Originally started as a blockchain think tank and research group, our team leveraged reports and forecasts that we created from hundreds of sources and interviews to build, what is now, the Proof Suite.

Mike De'Shazer is a founding member of Proof. With 12 years of software development and corporate management experience, Mike leads corporate strategy and product.

Mike De'Shazer


Tai Kersten is a founding member of Proof. As the lead developer, Tai manages development roadmaps and leads blockchain storage initiatives.

Tai Kersten


David is a founding member of Proof. As the lead developer of the Proof Dashboard and Marketplace, David focuses on incorporating the latest tech into the Proof ecosystem.

David Van Isacker


A seasoned entrepreneur and business development veteran, Phil helps companies leverage blockchain via Proof.

Phillip Jun

Director of Partnerships

Working within and around all of Proof's teams, Soo makes sure Proof meets its goals and directs internal operations. She assists in architecting and executing internal processes to ensure the company runs smoothly.

Soo Hwang

Director of Operations

Keith brings over a decade of industry expertise to Proof. He has architected exchanges and information platforms from the United States to Hong Kong. Currently, he leads and develops with Proof's technical team as both a manager and an engineer.

Keith Dawson

Lead Developer

Working as a software developer since 2010, Gustavo focuses on Rich Web/Native UX. He excels during an Agile sprint and brings both speed and industry best practice to the Proof Development Team.

Gustavo Lee

Senior Front End Developer

A proud MA graduate from Columbia, Albert brings over half a decade of analytical expertise to Proof. He is responsible for modeling and expanding Proof's understanding of markets big and small.

Albert Kim

Senior Business Analyst

Hye Kyung manages the Proof Customer Service Team and works to architect information processes connecting blockchain technologies with Proof's customers and clients.

Sandy Hye Kyung Han

Customer Experience Strategist

Jason works to spread the driving vision of Proof: Productivism. A theory for an economy driven by creating stakeholders via everyday monetary interactions.

Jason Holmes

Head of Consumer Acquisition

Simultenously working with Europe's leading airliner KLM to bring blockchain into production, Tobias leads Proof's enterprise strategy in Europe.

Tobias Disse


Advisory Board

Originally started as a blockchain think tank and research group, our team leveraged reports and forecasts that we created from hundreds of sources and interviews to build, what is now, the Proof Suite.

Scott Thiel leads cybersecurity and blockchain transformation at the world's second largest law firm, DLA Piper, in Hong Kong.

Scott Thiel

Senior Partner, DLA Piper

Rick leads Symbiont's international growth. Symbiont recently secured a lead investment from Jack Ma and leads Delaware's blockchain transformation.

Rick Winnard

Global Head, Symbiont

Ruslan is the CEO of Taas Fund, the world's first and largest crypto-hedge fund, exclusively investing in cryptocurrencies.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

CEO, Taas Fund

Moe Levin is one of the most connected figures in the blockchain space. As the organizer of the World Blockchain Forum, Moe brings together governments, Fortune 500s and blockchain startups.

Dr. Moe Levin

CEO, Keynote

Priynaka Bolleni works with IBM Singapore to connect IBM with blockchain startups in the Southeast Asia region.

Priyanka Bolleni

IBM Blockchain

Dimitri co-heads trading and technology at Taas Fund where he overseas a crypto-portfolio of over $70 million.

Dimitri Chupryna

Co-founder, TaaS Fund

Maksym Muratov is a vetaran cryptocurrency trader. Maksym is a co-founder of TaaS Fund, a last generation closed end fund that allows its investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets.

Maksym Muratov

Co-founder, Taas Fund

Michal is a strategy professional at Samsung in South Korea with track record of making impacts in global market growth and operational efficiency.

Michal Filipowski

Chief Strategist, Samsung

Maurice Tanas is an investment manager at ISAM with 11+ years of experience in portfolio management and business development.

Maurice Tanas

Director, ISAM Middle East