The Proof Presale
has started

Proof Presale token holders are imported into the Proof token contract when it initializes on Oct. 8th. 25% of all tokens sold will be pre-sold to early buyers.

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Over $1.6 million
raised so far

In the public token generation event on October 8th, tokens will be offered for a minimum .088 ETH per Proof token. Early token buyer participating in the presale event receive a 43% or more discount, purchasing tokens for .05 ETH.

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Public Token Sale
begins Oct. 8

The public Proof Token Generation Event will take place on October 8th, at 8am +8:00 GMT.

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Minimum Investment:
10 Ether

To obtain the presale discount before the public token sale begins, the minimum purchase amount, as stipulated in the presale smart contract, is 10 ETH.

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Presale tokens
are tradeable

Once you purchase presale tokens, you can send or sell them at any price you wish. All presale token holder addresses receive Proof tokens on October 8th when the Proof contract initializes.

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Real-time Crypto-Fiat Returns

Purchases of crypto-fiat in Proof's pegged exchange rate smart contracts entitle Proof token holders to commissions for providing the initial seeding protection on fluctuations.

Real-time Market Activity Returns

Token holders also receive a portion of Ether payments from financially-staked risk signal activity in AMP prediction markets.

Fixed Supply

Proof Tokens will not be reissued, thus, ensuring a stable store of value on exchanges, protected from inflation. All unsold token sale coins are burned.

Proof's New Cryptocurrency Payment Card

How To Participate

The Proof Presale Smart Contract (deposit contract) is 0x3931E02C9AcB4f68D7617F19617A20acD3642607. All tokenholder records are stored in the Presale Token Smart Contract, generated by the deposit contract upon creation. The presale contracts strictly follow Consensys presale token standards.

The presale contract only accepts transactions of 10 ETH or more. As of September 19th, $1.62 million has been raised. The current presale event ends on September 21st. For a complete view on how this presale works, check out the Presale Guide PDF.


Visit and click "Send Ether & Tokens". Then, authenticate with your private key or Keystore file/password. Need help? Here's a simple How-To Video

Craft Transaction

Paste 0x3931E02C9AcB4f68D7617F19617A20acD3642607 to the "To Address" field and your ether deposit to the "Amount" field. Set the gas limit to 150000.

Send Transaction

Click the "Generate Transaction" button. Then click the "Send Transaction" button. You will be asked to re-confirm after clicking the send button. After that, you're all set.

Check Balance

After the first confirmation (30 seconds to minutes later), you can select the "Proof Presale" contract and insert your address in our Token Balance tool to confirm your tokens.

Proof's Current Lineup

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