Markets Transcending Borders

Blockchain-based assets, such as Ether and Bitcoin, are transforming the financial technology landscape. Proof delivers institutional and retail platforms to meet the demands of the next generation of international finance.

Thanks for supporting our crowdsale, helping to raise $3.1 million, across 30+ countries on the Ethereum blockchain.

Retail Traders Want...

Easy-to-use, liquid trading platforms that are secure and immune from the censorship/common mishandlings of crypto exchanges, along with optional anonymity.

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Two different blockchain platforms for two different problem sets. Our mission over the next few years is to learn and grow with each side, bringing the greatest parts from each platform over to the other.

... Institutions Want

Trust-based networks where large transactions are conducted via direct negotiation between regulated, institutional trading partners around the world.

Our institutional platform has been dubbed the "Bloomberg of Crypto"

Specifically designed with regulatory compliance in mind for asset managers and cryptocurrency brokerages, this platform provides unparalleled historical data and analysis on over 1,500 cryptocurrencies, boasting an invite-only social network with advanced price discovery mechanisms for OTC transactions.

AMP: open-source, decentralized exchange

Supported by fiat-pegged tokens controlled by smart contracts and backed by Ether inflation buffers, AMP is a state-of-the art exchange run entirely on the blockchain through open-source interfaces. Meaning→ Proof doesn't control it; users have full-custody; and it can't be shut down.

Our Story

Proof Suite was formed by three friends, who happened to be software developers and Western expats, in South Korea in 2016. Their original focus was leveraging their group's blockchain projects to land jobs at the same multi-national corporation. Failing to convince several Fortune 500s to create a division for their group, and with a portfolio of projects that almost landed at larger firms, the team decided to continue under the name of their first flagship product: Proof. Today, Proof Suite is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Korea, with 15 team members in Seoul and dozens of remote team members around the globe.

Having built over 10 products for the blockchain community, mostly open-sourced, the team conducted a token sale in late 2017, raising over $3.1 million from the Proof community. Today, Proof is building two platforms that are transforming the world of finance for both retail traders and institutions. Proof is domiciled in Estonia, with most operations and development in South Korea and the US.

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Tai Kersten grew up somewhere in an American state most Americans have never been to, let alone heard of: Billings, Montana. Due to the isolation geographically, Tai had no other options, really, other than to become a Spartan-esque coder. Tai ventured to Korea back in 2011 to meet his birth parents, and as it turned out: he liked Kimchi and learned to operate chopsticks. So, he stuck around. Previous to co-founding Proof, Tai taught programming at the Bitcoin Center in Seoul, where he met Mike.
Mike De'Shazer grew up in Memphis, TN but never became a die-hard fan of Elvis. No wonder he relocated to New York when he reached 18 years of age. Five years ago, Mike discovered Seoul's superiority as a city, and South Korea became home. He also enjoyed coding more in a city that had subway carts with good 4G reception. Before moving to Korea, Mike participated in graduate studies at Harvard University, and like any self-respecting, to-be-tech-CEO, he dropped out. Mike has a bit of experience on Wall Street, but that ended due to his boss being discovered as the now-famous Russian spy Anna Chapman. Mike is usually happily married with two baby boys, all of whom can and will retrieve him from the office when he stays too late.
David Van Isacker taught himself to code at the age of two, or so the legend goes. Born in Belgium, he decided at the age of three that he preferred France. He spent most of his child-like experience living in the French countryside, as Paris was too pretentious for him. Four years ago, David was warped to Seoul National University where he received his Master's in engineering. David enjoys long, moonlit walks along boardwalks and writing Ethereum-based smart contracts. The youngest and the best looking of the three co-founders, David enjoys making obviously true observations during co-founder debates on the future of decentralized economies and the best samgyeopsal to eat nearby.