Legal Agreement Generator for Assets on the Blockchain


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Issuer Details

  • Full Address
  • Signing Party (Representative)
  • Does the issuer soley reserve the right to transfer ownership of the underlying asset?

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Title Holder Details

  • Full Address
  • Signing Party (Representative)

What kind of underlying asset?

Will the issuer pay periodic dividends based on the underlying earnings to token holders?


  • Percentage of Gross Income (before taxes) paid to token holders:
  • Estimated Valuation of Underlying Asset:
Percentage of Underlying Asset being placed on blockchain:
    Address of Underlying Asset (If Any)?
      Number of Tokens being issued?
      Can this number be adjusted at a future date? (Optional)
      Maturity Date (Optional - For Debt Instruments Only)
      • Issuance Price Per Token:
      • Blockchain of Issuance:

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