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The Proof platform serves thousands of users, managing and trading their asset-backed cryptocurrencies. We are transforming our current platform into a truly decentralized and trustless environment for equities, debt securities, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on the blockchain.
The Proof token presale event has closed with $1.7 million in contributions.

Finance the Future of Finance

Proof token holders gain commissions from equity prediction market revenue and crypto-fiat (USD & Euro) purchases.

Crypto-fiat is stored in smart contracts that follow the Assurance Market Protocol to provide lower volatility to investors leveraging blockchain technology to invest in real-world assets in a trustless fashion.

The Assurance Market Protocol (AMP) consists of:

• A decentralized, blockchain-based exchange

• Built-in financial insurance custodianship within smart contracts to qualify individual offerings for public market listing, requiring zero human-curation centralization, in order to protect investors from fraud, incompetence or natural disaster

• A prediction market for analysts and speculators to signal risk and gain rewards from insurance pools in the event of fraud, incompetence or natural disaster

• Traditional or Fiat-pegged Cryptocurrency optionality to provide investor opportunities for protection against price volatility while currency is stored in smart contracts through the course of investment cycles.

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There is a total supply of 2,362,062 Proof tokens. 50% of tokens (1,181,031) will be offered for sale in the initial coin offering. Proof tokens will be offered for .088 Ether/token on Nov. 1st, 2017 at 10pm (GMT+9).

Phone: (+82) 010 2785 3253

81 Sambong-ro, Jongno-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea 03150

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